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Fire & Life Safety Inspection

The Fire & Life Safety Division works directly the Building Department of the City to inspect that all new construction is being built to the standard of the Indiana Fire Code.

The division also performs routine fire & life safety inspections of Class 1 structures.
These include:

  • places of public assembly (restaurants, bars, businesses, churches)
  • common areas of apartment buildings
  • industrial & manufacturing buildings
  • educational & daycare buildings
  • healthcare & institutional (hospitals & jails)

The purpose of these inspections is to assure the standard level of safety for the building occupants that is defined in the Indiana Fire Code. These inspections help businesses reduce the risk of fire and loss of life in their buildings and help ensure the safety of their visitors. If you require a current fire inspection, please contact the division to schedule a fire & life safety inspection at (219) 662-3248 extension 505 or email fireinspector@crownpoint.in.gov

Business Registry

The City of Crown Point Business Registry is for business owners in our jurisdiction. By providing the information below, our records are kept up-to-date with emergency key holders, alarm types, special instructions and other pertinent information regarding the operation and safety of your business. Please take a moment to fill out the form at the link below and add your information to our database.

City of Crown Point Business Registry

Fire & Life Safety Division - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I receiving a fire & life safety inspection?
    • The Fire Code mandates that a city conduct fire & life safety inspections on the above-mentioned occupancies. 

  • How much time do I have to correct a violation?
    • The amount of time given to make a correction depends on the severity of the violation. Some violations are so severe that the business or building could be immediately shut down until the problem is corrected. Typical fire violations are given 4-6 weeks to correct. A re-inspection will be conducted after that time to assure the problem was correctly fixed.

  • How much is the fine for a fire code violation?
    • The City of Crown Point does not impose a fine for fire code violations. Our goal is to simply have the problem fixed through education. However, if a violation continues to go uncorrected after follow-up inspections, the Indiana State Fire Marshalls Office will impose a $250 per day fine, until the violation is corrected. 

  • What are some of the typical fire & life safety violations that are found?
    • Fire extinguishers that have not been serviced or are empty
      • Extinguishers must be serviced annually and have a service tag attached
    • Blocked or locked exit doors
      • While the building is occupied, all exits (and the paths that lead to an exit) must remain unobstructed and doors unlocked. An exit door can be locked or latched with approved door hardware.
    • Extension cord & multi-plug adapters
      • Extension cords cannot be used in place of permanent wiring. Also, the extension cord must be able to provide the amperage needed for whatever appliance is plugged into it. You can not 'daisy chain' extension cords.
      • Multi-plug adapters: The only approved multiple plug adapters are the ones that have a 'reset breaker' on them. 
    • Address not posted or visible from the street
      • The Fire Department will need to find your building if you have a fire or other emergency. Address numbers need to be 4" and visible from the road. 

    • Exit signs or emergency lighting not illuminated
      • Exit signs show you the location of exits during a power outage or fire. Typically, the problem is the battery inside the sign has gone bad. 

    • Sprinkler / Fire Alarm system not serviced
      • A properly operating fire alarm or sprinkler system must be serviced, tested, and inspected annually by a licensed company. Paperwork of this service and the work performed must be kept on site and be provided at the time of a fire inspection.

    • Kitchen Hood systems not serviced or cleaned
      • All type 1 kitchen hoods must be cleaned by a licensed company every 6 months. Also, the hood suppression system must be serviced every 6 months by a licensed company. 

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