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Building a Stronger Community from within

EMS & Fire Suppression

Our career members are all cross-trained as firefighters and paramedics. This helps to ensure our residents and visitors receive the best possible care in an emergency. Our central fire station is staffed by 10 personnel every day, with 3 Advanced Life Support ambulances and an Advanced Life Support Fire Engine, ready to respond immediately. CPFR also has a healthy volunteer roster of firefighters who are also EMS trained. They respond from home or work when emergencies exceed the capabilities of our on-duty crews. Without the cooperation and partnership between career and volunteer members, our department would be unable to serve this great city.

Chief Dave Crane

Assistant Chief Mark Baumgardner Jr.

Fire Inspector Lt. Mike Parks

Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3
Battalion Chief Len Dunlap #20 Battalion Chief Tim Tully #24 Battalion Chief Joe Ferrantella #39
Captain Tim Martin #23 Captain Scott Abraham #26 Captain Tom Walters #19
Lieutenant Ryan Cusack #34 Lieutenant Matt Kodicek #37 Lieutenant Tim Boomsma #43
Lieutenant John Sarver #38 FF/PM Dale Holsti #36 FF/PM Brian Bodamer #27
FF/PM Cory Neises #29 FF/PM Mark Reed #41 FF/PM Kevin Radtke #31
FF/PM Justin Gettler #30 FF/PM Jon Luczak #44 FF/PM Josh McBurney #45
FF/PM Erik Schmitt #32 FF/PM Jake Kabella #47 FF/PM Keith Boersma #46
FF/PM Matt Wise #42 FF/PM Andrew Semethy #48 FF/PM Dave Dickerson #49
FF/PM Anthony Flynn #50 FF/PM Adam Isailovich #51 FF/PM Joel Difiore #53
FF/PM Todd Bennett #52 FF/PM Jarred Andras #54 FF/PM Nate Long #55
FF/PM Eric Zak #56 FF/PM Wes Gilliam #57 FF/PM Felipe Baquero #58
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Fire Rescue
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126 N East St
Station # 1500
Crown Point, IN 46307
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