Road Paving Projects

In 2022, the City of Crown Point is slated* to pave a total of 8.7 miles of road with a budget of roughly $4.4 million. These improvements also include two Community Crossings Matching Grant Program projects: The Clark Street and Wells Street Improvement Projects. 

How does the City evaluate roads?

Each year, 150 miles of roadways are evaluated within the City. After the study, roads are given an evaluation from 1-10 based on the PASER rating system, which is widely adopted within the State of Indiana. A “1,” means the road has failed, while a, “10” signifies a road in excellent condition.

How does the City choose where to repair roads?

Once we complete the PASER study, the City updates its road inventory map to highlight areas in need of attention. We try to focus on different geographic locations in the City each year. Click here to find your 2022 PASER rating. 

Community Crossing Grant Projects

The City of Crown Point is excited to announce two major Community Crossing Grant projects for this summer. Both projects are a collective investment of $1 million in new infrastructure by the City. While construction is underway, please be patient with us as we make the necessary improvements in your neighborhood. 

Project details:

Wells Street is slated to be improved from Main Street to State Road 55. This project includes road resurfacing; installing new curbs; upgrading sidewalks to meet ADA compliance; adding handicap-accessible ramps at intersections; adding new sidewalks in areas where they do not currently exist; creating a dedicated parking area in front of Solon Robinson Elementary; and new pavement striping.

Clark Street will be restored from East Street to Indiana Avenue. This project includes road resurfacing; a full curb restoration; sidewalk improvements on the south side to meet ADA compliance; and the sidewalk on the north side will be replaced with a 7-foot walking path to tie the Veterans Memorial Trail to the downtown square. 

*All road paving work is weather permitting. 

2022 Road Paving List 

Cardinal Drive

South Street - Martin Drive

Oriole Avenue

Cardinal Drive - Fairview Avenue

Bluebird Avenue

Cardinal Drive - Fairview Avenue


Iroquois Drive

Lexington Street to Access Road

Seneca Drive

Yorktown - Lexington

Pawnee Drive

Lexington - Access Street

Saratoga Street

Seneca Drive - Greenwood Avenue

Trenton Court

Greenwood Avenue - Cul-de-sac

Princeton Court North

Greenwood Avenue - Cul-de-sac


Rose Ellen Drive

South Court Street - Lake Street

Fairfield Drive

Greenwood Avenue - Fairfield Lane

Fairfield Drive

Fairfield Lane - East to Cul-de-sac

Fairfield Lane

Greenwood Avenue - Fairfield Drive


Henderlong Parkway

South Pettibone Street - South Pettibone Street

South Pettibone Street

South Street - Dead End

Maple Lane

South Street - Dead End

Ridgelawn Street

Maple Lane - Maple Lane


Concord Avenue

South Street - Mohawk Drive

Cherokee Court

Concord Avenue - Cul-de-sac

Apache Court

Concord Avenue - Cul-de-sac


Aspen Drive

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Beech Drive

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Chestnut Drive

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Dogwood Drive

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Evergreen Avenue

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Fir Avenue

South Madison Street - North Heather Lane

Golden Oak Court

Golden Oak Drive - Cul-de-sac

Golden Oak Drive

South Madison Street - Cul-de-sac

Heather Lane

Aspen Drive - Fir Avenue

South Madison Street

North Street - South Street


West 129th Avenue

City Limits (Monroe Street) - Delaware Parkway


White Hawk Drive

Alderbrook Court - TruchaRoad Court

Alderbrook Court West

White Hawk Drive - Cul-de-sac

Alderbrook Court East

White Hawk Drive - Cul-de-sac

Napa Court

Alderbrook Court - Cul-de-sac


West Burrell Drive

South Court Street - Cedar Lake Road


West Summit Street

N Main Street - T-Ball Parking Lot (east of Rosslare Place)

East Goldsborough Street

North Main Street - N Grant Street

North/South East Street

East North Street – East Walnut Street


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2022 Road Paving Projects Documents