Facility Rules

 Rental Usage Terms and Conditions

  1. The City/Parks, Athletics, Communications and Entertainment (PACE) Department reserves the right to deny an application for park and facility rental if such use is not in the best interest of the City of Crown Point. 
  2. The City/PACE Department reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time if the cancellation is in the best interest of the City. If the City/PACE Department cancels an event for this reason, all fees will be returned. 
  3. Refund policy: Deposits are required at the time of booking. NO REFUNDS will be given on deposits. 
  4. The rental fee is calculated per day. A typical day would start with gates opening at 7 a.m. Central Time, with the first game starting no earlier than 8 a.m. Central Time. No play may continue after 11 p.m. Central Time without permission. The gates shall be closed 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last game. Included in the rental agreement: 
    • The playing fields shall be dragged, lined and dressed for play before the event is scheduled to begin. 
    • In case of inclement weather, only PACE Department/City staff are permitted to work on the playing fields. “Normal and reasonable” amounts of effort and drying compounds shall be used to keep the park playable. Under circumstances where abnormal amounts of drying compounds are requested and used, the renter will assume the additional cost at $20 per bag of material. The final decision as to whether or not the fields are playable will be that of the Athletics Superintendent. The Athletics Superintendent shall decide how long any rain delay shall last and when, or if, play can continue. 
    • Usage of the lighting system shall be at the discretion of the Athletics Superintendent.
  5. The rental event final schedule must be available to the PACE Staff at least 5 days before the scheduled event is to begin, including the diamond usages chart with pitching and base distances. A full schedule of games and a current Certificate of Liability ($1,000,000) must be submitted listing the City of Crown Point PACE Department as additional insured. 
  6. The sale of concessions will be in control of the City/PACE Department. NO rental or sponsored group is allowed to bring its own concessions for sale. 
  7. Any vending and/or commercial sales of any kind require pre-approval from the Athletics Superintendent. If approved, vendor will be required to comply with City ordinances regarding business licensing. The City/PACE will retain an agreed upon percentage of the gross revenue of any vending operations. 
  8. Teams will be allowed 1 cooler. Cooler may have fruit, water, etc., for players only. 
  9. Any signage intended to be affixed to fencing, structures, or staked in the ground must be pre-approved by the Athletics Superintendent. 
  10. Pets, except those for Americans with Disabilities, will not be allowed inside the Sportsplex field complex. 
  11. For the safety of all, bat swinging is not allowed outside the enclosed playing fields. 
  12. Hitting or throwing into the fence is not permitted. 
  13. Renter is responsible to have teams remove trash and debris from the dugouts after each game and at the end of the “day.” 
  14. Renter shall accept full financial responsibility and liability for any and all liability for any and all damage to City/Park property. 
  15. The renter shall indemnify, save and hold harmless the City of Crown Point, Indiana; the Parks, Athletics, Communications and Entertainment (PACE) Department and its agents, employees or servants against any and all liability arising incident to the use and occupancy of the Park. 
  16. The renter shall be liable and responsible for conduct, actions and injuries to the participants and spectators of this rental event. 


Prohibited Items 
The following are prohibited at the City of Crown Point Sportsplex facilities: 

  1. Any item or substance that may damage, stain or permanently alter facilities, structures or playing surfaces
  2. Coolers
  3. Sunflower seeds* (on turf fields)
  4. Chewing gum* (on turf fields)
  5. Sports drinks, Gatorades, Powerade, etc.* (on turf fields)
  6. Glass of any kind
  7. Animals and pets
  8. Fireworks
  9. Skateboard and rollerblading inside the facility 
  10. Tobacco products of any kind 
  11. Alcohol products 


Code of Conduct 
The facility/park, as all Parks, Athletics, Communications and Entertainment (PACE) Department facilities is a “family friendly,” facility. Violators will be asked to leave immediately. The City of Crown Point Police Department will be called if needed. 

For the safety and health of participants, spectators and visitors, unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated and may result ejection from the facility. The City of Crown Point staff and representatives reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the park if/for: 

  1. Vulgar, profane, obscene, threatening or taunting language
  2. Indecent conduct or attire
  3. Fighting by participants or spectators
  4. Endangering actions (example: throwing bats or other equipment)
  5. Inappropriate gestures 
  6. Intoxication 
  7. Vandalism 
No gum
No pets
No alcohol