Parade Rules

Rules & Regulations

  • To prevent crowd injuries, no candy can be thrown from a vehicle, and nothing can be sprayed from any unit in the parade. Walkers may hand out literature, candy, or miscellaneous items. If any individual chooses to throw candy from a vehicle, then they will be financially responsible for any accident caused by such action.
  • Nothing may be sold by entries along the parade route.
  • Entry numbers obtained from staging area are to be displayed in the FRONT LEFT side of the unit. (driver’s side)
  • Entries are to KEEP MOVING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE as much as possible to avoid unnecessary gaps. Vehicle CANNOT wait on walkers. Walkers must stay moving.
  • While guns may be part of the display, they may NOT be pointed at any person. Participants cannot shoot at the crowd or each other.
  • There will be zero tolerance on use of alcohol by any participants.
  • Please dress appropriately.
  • No foul language should be used over the P.A. systems or in song lyrics.
  • We require you to have horse bags or a follow-up crew to follow behind any animals walking in the parade.
  • Music volume should be kept low in the staging area prior to the parade.
  • Please respect the residents and their property along the parade route.
  • Please pick up after yourself.  

The Parade Committee Officials, Police and/or EMT’s reserve the right to remove any unit at any time for failure to follow any Parade Rules and Code of Conduct.