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Mission Statement: 

Educating and supporting First Responders with bags containing sensory stimulation items that help to deescalate Autistic and special needs patients during over-stimulation emergency situations.

About the Program:

Ben’s Blue Bag Program is a two-part program consisting of a presentation where first responders will learn what Autism Spectrum Disorder is, given updated statistics, see how autistic people see the world, Review handling of an ASD person, Role play real-life scenarios. Test your Knowledge 

Part two receiving a Ben’s Blue Bags sensory bag. The bag contain various sensory items first responders can use on calls to help autistic children, autistic adults, and any patient that is having trouble communicating or claiming down at the time. 

Items in the bag include: 

Dry eraser board, pictogram, markers, squeeze balls, rubber worms, marble mesh, Rubik’s cube, bendy bracelet  and ear muffs.  

Ben's Blue Bags Documents

  1. Fire Department

    Physical Address
    126 N East Street
    Station 1500
    Crown Point, IN 46307


    Emergency Phone: 911