The Utilities Department completes various inspections to ensure that all infrastructure and service connections adhere to all federal, state, and local guidelines and standards.  

Service Connection Inspection 

This inspection reviews all underground water service connections, as well as all underground Sanitary and Storm Sewer Connection to our water and sewer mains.  

Final Occupancy Inspection 

This inspection verifies that all interior connections for the water and sewer systems conform to all federal, state, and local standards. 

  • The water meter must be properly installed, conduit shall be ran from the meter to the transmitter bracket. 18 gauge wire of 4 different colors shall be ran through the conduit to the transmitter bracket from the meter. 
  • Exterior shut off (curb stop/Buffalo Box) shall be identified, accessible, and operational. 
  • The sump pump connection shall be properly connected to the storm sewer tap only. 
  • If applicable, the backflow device(s) shall be properly installed, tested, and tagged. 
  • If applicable an inspection manhole shall be accessible and conform to required specifications. 
  • If applicable, an approved grease trap shall be installed and conform to all city standards. 

Irrigation Inspection 

  • Verify that an AWWA approved backflow device is installed in accordance with required standards. 
  • No hose bibs are permitted on the exterior lines or backflow device. A hose bib or boiler drain may be installed inside the building for winterization purposes only. 
  • Verify that the device is mounted at least 12” higher than highest sprinkler head.  
  • Verify that device has been properly tested, tagged, and recorded online through 

To schedule any of these Utility Inspections please contact the Utilities Office at 219-661-2287 ext. 651 

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