K-9 Division

Sgt. Jeff Eldridge & K-9 Bandit

Eldridge 2023
Bandit 2023

Bandit is a male Dutch Shepherd that was born on June 7, 2014. Sgt. Jeff Eldridge traveled to Ontario, Canada, in October 2015 to meet and acquire Bandit. While there, the two trained together and began as a K-9 team. Bandit also became certified as a Patrol canine. Bandit's certifications include tracking, narcotics discovery, building searches, area searches and criminal apprehension. Bandit now lives and works with Sgt. Eldridge and has became a part of Jeff's family. When the shift is over, Bandit and Jeff go home and relax and be with family.

Ofc. Doug Geyer & K-9 Valor

Geyer 2023
Valor 2023

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