Contractors Licensing - Information & Forms

Contractors are required to be licensed to work in the City.


New Contractors

Depending on the scope of your work you may be required to take an exam first if you have never been licensed with the City.  If your scope of work requires an exam and you are already licensed with Lake County you may bypass the exam by suppling us with the license from Lake County and other required documents.  Electrical is REQUIRED to take an exam even if Licensed with Lake County. 

All Exams are applied and paid for through the Building Department .  Once we have the application and drivers license along with payment the Building Department will contact you to schedule and handle the exam process. *Application Below. For more information on Contractor License Exams please visit the Building Department page.

Once you have completed the exam or are not required to take an exam then you may use the application for Contractor License form, along with all required documents, and submit to the Clerks office with payment. *Application Below

Once you complete all required documents with payment, your license will be sent in the mail to you.  You will be able to pull Permits from the Building Department once you have completed the process of obtaining the license, and do not have to wait for the license to come in the mail.

Renewals are annually due by December 31st, or a late fee of $25 applies.

The following items are required for contractor license(s):

  • A check payable to the City of Crown Point
  • A Certificate of Liability insurance that is no less than $500,000.00; Workers Comp insurance must be included on the certificate. The certificate holder should be City of Crown Point, 101 N East St., Crown Point, IN 46307
  • A completed contractor license application form 
  • A recorded Lake County (IN) Bond in the amount of $5,000.00

Questions about licensing?


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