Outdoor Warning Sirens

 The City of Crown Point is continuously striving for the best alerting system in the event of severe weather. Prior to 2004, the city only had one siren to use in the event of severe weather. This original siren is still in use today and is located in the center of the city behind the Crown Point Fire Station. In 2004 the city unveiled 4 additional sirens that were placed in the four corners of the city.

As the city continued to grow the system had a need to grow as well. Therefore, once again the system grew in 2007 with the addition of another 4 that covered the newest neighborhoods of our city and increased our ability to alert those citizens in the center of the city. 

Severe Weather Procedures

When severe weather is reported or expected the Crown Point Emergency Management takes proper precautionary measures by sending trained weather spotters to specified areas of the community.

If a funnel cloud is spotted or reported by trained weather spotters, the Crown Point Emergency Management will at this time activate its' Severe Weather Warning System. These sirens will sound for 3 solid minutes. If a Tornado touches down, the sirens will continue to sound until the threat is over.

Once the sirens are activated please seek shelter immediately, either in a basement, or an interior room of your house. 

Also monthly preparedness topics are available online. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Director Mike Wysocki of the Crown Point Emergency Management at 219-662-3254.

Siren Locations

  • 101st Avenue and Madison Street - (Northeast Side)
  • 105th Avenue and Illinois Street - (East Side)
  • 113th Avenue and Delaware Street - (Central / East Side)
  • 125th Avenue and Delaware Street - (Southeast Side)
  • 125th Avenue and Marshall Street - (Southwest Side)
  • Fire Station - (Downtown)
  • Greenwood Avenue and Court Street - (Central / West Side)
  • Whitehawk Drive - (Northwest Side)
  • Wirtz Road and Quail Drive - (West Side)
Outdoor Warning Sirens